I’ve moved my blog from Wordpress to Jekyll. If there are any problems, please let me know.

With Wordpress it is incredibly easy to set up a new site, which looks great, responds well and get posting content. However, when paying for server space one gets mindful of databases full of spam comments. I was looking for something more lightweight.

Jekyll is the answer. It is a static site generator, which transforms blog posts written in Markdown into HTML pages. The key focus is on ‘static’, you have no database of content from which pages are dynamically derived… just html files sitting on a server. Jekyll will auto-generate a list of blog posts, create an RSS feed and set up a permalink structure. I was particualry struck by its simplicty.

That said, without a backend database I no longer have a commenting system on this blog. I may choose to move to something like Disqus if that requirement comes along.