I haven’t blogged in quite a while, save for some announcements. The main reason I haven’t blogged so much is that in March, I started a new job. I’d worked for Scott Logic for 3 1/2 years, since graduating from uni. At Scott Logic I’ve had the opportunity to consult to some of the world’s largest institutions, work on cutting edge technology and build market-leading products. I’m eternally thankful both to Gary and the staff for taking me on as a wee grad and building my professional skills to what they are today. But, I thought it was time for a change in sector and to move away from consultancy for a while. I’ve started working for Nonlinear Dynamics (who were recently acquired by the Waters Corporation); makers of analysis software for the proteomics and metabolomics field. It’s .NET, which I’m familiar with, but with a more modern twist than what I’m used to from consultancy. I’ve been there three months now and I’ve already learned quite a lot about WPF, including the ReactiveUI framework.

In my spare time, I’ve been working on a character generation application for the Eclipse Phase RPG, called Agency. It’s the Dungeons and Dragons style of game (roll dice, do things), but set in the future with humanity on the brink of extinction in the face of unspeakable threats and, bizzarely, functional immortality. The character generation system for the game is quite a nice little problem. Andy Aiken (creator of the Masterplan application to manage Dungeons and Dragons games) are readying the app for its preview release. We have lots of exciting features we want to implement in the near future too!

Sadly I’ve always found blogging quite difficult to do, but that’s mainly because when I’m trying to write definitively, I obsess over every single word. This is probably something that gets better with practice, which I’m more than prepared to do for the reaminder of 2014. In practice, that means I will start blogging again. Whilst it doesn’t mean I’ll do a challenge which encourages blogging every day, I will post smaller (arguably more concise) blog posts. Some of these may be thoughtstreams, code snippets, or things I’ve found interesting!

Finally, I’ve also taken over the organisational duties of Newcastle Skeptics in the Pub. The previous organisers, Richard, Emma and Danny, are sadly moving on to other things. They’ve done a fantastic job establishing a great monthly meetup, with really interesting speakers. Will Mac (who I’ve previously collaborated with on an open mic night talk for Newcastle Skeptics) and I are hoping we can stand on the shoulders of the giants before us and keep the event relevant, interesting, enlightening and entertaining.

So, I’ve been busy, just a bit rubbish at communicating it :)