I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be speaking at this year’s DDD East Anglia conference, to be held on Saturday September 13th, 2014 at Cambridge University’s West Road Concert Hall.

Here’s the blurb for my session, titled Keep it responsive! Cross-platform MVVM with ReactiveUI:

Building an awesome user interface is hard work. You’ve got the complexities of real life to deal with - handling user inputs, dealing with slow network connections and managing background workers. There’s also this testing thing that people keep going on about!

We need a way of handling the real world, whilst behaving in a predictable and responsive manner. Enter ReactiveUI, a fusion of MVVM and the Reactive Extensions (Rx) for .NET applications.

In this session I’ll introduce ReactiveUI, show you some tips and tricks, discuss the benefits and tradeoffs of the framework and show how it can be used as a solid foundation for building cross-platform .NET applications.

The session has also been entered into this year’s DDDNorth event, so I’m hoping it will be selected there too! I’m really looking forward to giving this talk, the teams who organise DDD across the country do a fantastic job of putting together conferences by and for the community with a great level of technical content. My thanks go to all those who voted. See you in September!

PS - Last year I created an unofficial Android scheduling application for the event, which I’ll be updating once the speakers are announced.

PPS - I may or may not be completely broken after doing my second Great North Run the week before. At least Damien is doing the driving from Newcastle :)