In addition to getting a speaking slot at this year’s DDD East Anglia, I’ve also just heard that I’m on the agenda for this year’s DDD North conference!

At both events I’m running the following talk, titled Keep it responsive! Cross-platform MVVM with ReactiveUI:

Building an awesome user interface is hard work. You’ve got the complexities of real life to deal with - handling user inputs, dealing with slow network connections and managing background workers. There’s also this testing thing that people keep going on about!

We need a way of handling the real world, whilst behaving in a predictable and responsive manner. Enter ReactiveUI, a fusion of MVVM and the Reactive Extensions (Rx) for .NET applications.

In this session I’ll introduce ReactiveUI, show you some tips and tricks, discuss the benefits and tradeoffs of the framework and show how it can be used as a solid foundation for building cross-platform .NET applications.

I’m in the throes of creating a demo application using the library. It’s called ReactiveFlickr, it simply searches Flickr for public-domain pictures. Here’s a screencap of the current WPF version:

DDDNorth is my favourite developer conference. Andy Westgarth does a great job of organising it and the community always chooses a fantastic arrangement of talks. This year’s no exception and I’m proud to be a very small part of that. See you in Leeds on Saturday October 18th if you got a ticket. If not, don’t worry! Add yourself to the waitlist and you may get a ticket!