During the Great North Run I unfortunately picked up a nasty foot condition called plantar fascitis, which is an inflammation of the heel area. If you saw me at DDD East Anglia or DDD North over the last month, then this is why I was a bit hobbly!

Unfortunately today is my seventh week of not running, which has been quite stressful. I think I’m going to be out of the game for a while longer, so I’ve found something else to do in the spare time! NaGaDeMon, despite the name, is an international event. There are four tasks:

  • Create a game
  • Play the game
  • Finish the game
  • Write about it

Luckily at work we have a playtest group set up for Thursday lunchtimes, and there’s also the Newcastle Playtest group for the first Tuesday in November, so there’s plenty of opportunities to get feedback.

I have a vague idea of a type of game that I’d like to create. In preparation I’ve purchased one-thousand blank playing cards (don’t fret, they were only a tenner). Let the games begin!