Newcastle has been subject to a contagion being referred to both colloquially and professionally as “the lurgy”. I’ve been hit pretty hard by it, having to spend some time off work on Wednesday and Thursday last week. Unfortunately I think I returned to work too early, because this week saw a re-occurrence of the bug.

Sadly, this bug has also hit several people at work and also the entirety of the Newcastle Playtest cohort, which has meant that week three of NaGaDeMon has been a complete bust for me. It’s a shame, because what I really need right now is more data on the changes that I made last week.

This means that the version I have now is probably the version that I’ll be releasing as the ‘completed’ NaGaDeMon version of the game. In lieu of that, I’m going to take a look into making a freely-available print and play copy of the game, which I’ll upload as soon as possible.