We have reached the end of NaGaDeMon! It’s been a terrific, but difficult month. Aside from being set-back with the flu, I’ve made a game! An actual game! That people played, enjoyed and laughed at!

Over the course of the month I’ve had four iterations of the game and I’d like to thank Jack, Mal, Angus, Wilka and Steve from Nonlinear Dynamics; Will and Andrew from Newcastle Skeptics in the Pub, and the Newcastle Playtest group; for helping me get the game to this stage. Without your valuable input the game wouldn’t be what it is now.

Get the game

Click here to download a zip of all the cards. They are proportioned to 9x6.35cm, and meant to be in landscape format.


The surprise resignation of the MP for Upper Mid Narnashire has triggered a by-election!

By-election is a 3 or 4 player game, that takes place on polling day, over five rounds. At the end of the fifth round, the player with the most votes is elected MP! You gain votes by completing campaigns, but beware - your rivals will be looking to trash, or steal votes from your campaign.

There are two types of card:

Campaign card

Campaign cards are used to start a campaign. They have a colour, representing the type of campaign.

Event card

Event cards represent what happens during a campaign. Event cards modify the number of votes that a campaign will score when it completes. Campaigns are completed when three event cards are placed on top. As with campaign cards, they have a colour, representing the type of campaign they can be played on.

Game setup:

  • Choose a rosette card.
  • Separate the campaign and event cards into two decks. Shuffle them.
  • Each player takes a campaign card and plays it face-up in front of them.
  • Each player takes five cards. You can choose any combination of cards from the event and campaign decks. This is your hand, keep it secret!
  • The most oppressed player starts last. Play is clockwise (to your left).
  • If you have 3 players, each player starts with 15 votes. For a 4 player game, each player starts with 12 votes.
  • Use the round progress cards to help keep track how many rounds are remaining.

On your turn:

  • Draw so that you have five cards in your hand. You may draw from both the campaign and event decks.
  • You may optionally discard a card from your hand, to draw another, from either deck.
  • Play cards from you hand. You can play as few, or as many, cards out of your hand as you wish. The actions you can perform are:
    1. Start a new campaign by placing a campaign card face-up in front of you. You can have as many active campaigns as you wish.
    2. Play an event on an existing campagin. The event’s colour must match that of the campaign card. Events that simply increase or decrease the number of votes can be played on either yours, or an opponent’s existing campaign.
    3. Play a Steal event card. Steal event cards have the steal icon: Steal icon and can only be played on an opponent’s campaign. Place a coloured token on the card, so you know those are your votes!
  • A campaign completes and is scored as soon as the third event card is placed on top of it. To score a campaign:
    • Take the initial votes (7) from the campaign card. Add or subtract the numbers shown on the event cards. For now, ignore the steal icon, just subtract the number.
    • Add (or subtract!) that to the campaign owner’s score. Note - this may be negative, if a campaign was really unsuccessful!
    • Votes stolen by other players are added to their score.
    • If a player has no active campaigns after a campaign is scored, they must immediately play a new campaign card from their hand. If they cannot, they instead take the top card from the campaign deck and play it face-up.

Scoring examples

  1. A campaign completes with: +4, -6 and +5. The owning player gains 10 votes (7 + 4 - 6 + 5).
  2. A campaign completes with -3, -4 and -3. The owning player loses 10 votes (7 - 3 - 4 - 3).
  3. A campaign completes with +6, -3 and steals 4. The owning player gains 6 votes (7 + 6 -3 - 4) and the thief gains 4 votes.
  4. A campaign completes with -4, -4 and steals 4. The owning player loses 5 votes (7 - 4 - 4 - 4) and the thief gains 4 votes.


If you have any feedback, please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you. I’d really like to hear what your game scores were (at the end of each round). Ta, and enjoy!