Last year I took part in NaGaDeMon - a month-long games design competition. As we were leading up to election time in the UK, the end result was a fun game focused on political parties campaigning for a constituency seat. You can grab the print and play version of ByElection here.

This year, I am going to try something a bit different. I’m currently acting as the Dungeon Master for two Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition games - the Lost Mine of Phandelver at work, and Out of the Abyss for my Sunday gaming group.

Rather than design a game - I’m going to design some DnD-related content for everyone to use in their adventures. That may be monsters, encounters, traps, or even something related to one of the published adventures I’m running.

Rather than spam the blog daily with content, I’ll be updating this post over time, so keep your eyes peeled!