The Graveyard

October 31 2019

Behind the Spooks

I gathered up leaves that had fallen from the big tree outside the house, to cover some of the block paving. I also managed to get some outdoor plug sockets installed on Halloween morning so that spooky lighting could be added.

With a young baby, I wanted something that could be quickly set up and torn down, so was really happy with the outcome. As were our visitors! The trickiest aspect was weaving the LED lights through the leaf garlands, which I did a few nights beforehand.

The outdoor LEDs have a 1m cable, which isn't long enough. I ended up having an extension cable in an outdoor power box that I had to position at the front of the setup. In the future I could mask this by creating a graveyard fence.

This work by Sam Hogarth CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Skull background by Hero Patterns

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