October 31 2020

Behind the Spooks

The cauldron is a large plantpot which just so happened to look the part! I used a plant saucer, some foam pipe insulation and a lot of gorilla tape inside the pot to create a false bottom, so that I didn't have to fill the entire thing with water. Add in a fish tank mister to create the smoke effect!

For support, the cauldron is sitting on a black stool. I've created a campfire effect with orange LED lights and expanding foam underneath, then used bamboo cuttings to create the surroundings.

The witch itself is a skull on a stick, with a wig, robe, hat and kid's costume - stripey tights and all weighed down in a plantpot.

Adorning the shed are some witchy knicknacks such as boots and a spellbook.

This work by Sam Hogarth CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Skull background by Hero Patterns

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