Pumpkin Patch

October 31 2021

Behind the Spooks

The toxic waste barrel was created using an old, damaged bin. I added some expanding foam and painted it green to look slimy. A plant saucer acts as a lid to the barrel, making it appear like the waste is bursting out the top! the barrel is connected to a large pipe, made from 2L bottles gaffer taped together. I cut and ripped some holes into the tape to create the effect of the pipe being aged, cracked and leaking. Running a strip of LED lights from the barrel through the pipe makes it look filled with glowing waste.

To bulk out the number of pumpkins on display, I paper mache'd a dozen over the course of the summer. These were spray painted and drybrushed for added effected. The pumpkin shape is created by inflating a balloon housed in an interconnected set of strings - the balloon expands unevenly, creating the effect.

The head of the scarecrow is store-bought and mounted to a frame built from a discarded pallet, with some spooky cloth and a cape.

This work by Sam Hogarth CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Skull background by Hero Patterns

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