I'm pleased to announce the first online event of a new North-East tech meet-up, the North East Remote Programming Conference!

The call for speakers is now open and I'm hoping that alongside a few extra volunteers, we see some fantastic submissions! Although the Prime Minister hinted that a phased return from lockdown over the coming months is possible, I still think that there's space for virtual conferences in the fray of activity within the developer community. Regardless of what happens next month, working from home is the new normal. Ensuring that members of the community remain connected is of vital importance for our personal growth and mental health!

The name, NE-RPC, comes from remote procedure calls as I was trying to think of something to indicate the distributed nature of things, and that the event will primarily be a showcase of local talent.

For now this is a one-off. I'll be looking at the tech side of things to determine how exactly we'll run this. Current thinking is a combination of Zoom and Twitch. Also, I'm looking for an appropriate charity that attendees can donate to in lieu of a ticket fee. This honesty system has worked well with events I've ran in the past and I don't see why it won't work here too.

Fingers crossed this is a success! 🤞