Sam Hogarth

Lead Software Developer

💖 React, Redux, GraphQL, DevOps

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  • Focus today on the problems you have today. Focus tomorrow on the problems you may have tomorrow.
  • Calling time on cramming people into open-plan offices, reorganising our work-life balance and making offices spaces for meaningful inter-personal interactions.
  • A virtual conference in times of turmoil.
  • In which I change jobs during a pandemic.
  • Sprints need a purpose to, well, sprint towards. Otherwise, a sprint risks becoming a mini-waterfall.
  • ArchUnit asserts architectural constraints at the unit-test level, giving developers guiderails on good practice with fast feedback.
  • Agile is not an off-the-shelf product that can be dropped into an organisation. It's a learning journey with a willingness to embrace change.
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