Sam Hogarth

I'm based in Newcastle-Upon Tyne, UK. I'm fascinated with helping teams to work together better, and keeping up with the ever-changing world of software engineering. I have a decade's worth of experience in highly-regulated environments; across finance, biotech and energy. Whether it's mobile, desktop, web, server or cloud, I have the battle scars.

As a strong advocate of agile development, I can help teams work with agility. That is, to empower teams to be building the right thing at the right time in the right way.

I've also wanted to do this for pretty much as long as I can remember. Here's a school report from when I'd just turned six!

School Report

My Experience

  • DevOps - Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes, Puppet, Vagrant
  • JavaScript - TypeScript, React
  • JVM - Java, Spring Boot, Android, Kotlin
  • C# .NET - WinForms and WPF
  • CI/CD - GitLab
  • Cloud - GCP
  • XP Practices - TDD, Pairing, Mobbing
  • Retrospective facilitation
  • Scrum Master
  • BDD - From facilitating discovery sessions, formulation in Gherkin and automation with Cucumber and Selenium


BSc Computing Science with Games and Virtual Environments - 1st class (Hons) - Newcastle University


Professional recommendations are available via my LinkedIn page. Here are a select few:

  • Jean-Sacha Melon

    Jean-Sacha Melon

    Agile Delivery Expert and Coach

    I had the pleasure of working with Sam for over 4 years and rate him among the best team leads and developers I have worked with. He has outstanding technical skills with the ability to pick up new technologies very quickly. Sam consistently ensured high-quality deliveries, protected, motivated and supported the cross-functional team. In addition, he has been influencing client stakeholders on programme level architecture and software design as well as around better agile ways of working. Sam’s dedication and professionality combined with a strong drive to deliver the best outcomes make him an asset for any organisation seeking to produce great software.

  • Cian McCormack

    Cian McCormack

    Test Manager

    I've worked with Sam at Scott Logic for the better part of 3 years now, and I can honestly say it's been an absolute pleasure. Sam's proficiency and efficiency are of the highest grade, and as he has knowledge on a large range of subjects to a deep degree learning from him is a great experience; not just for the amount of knowledge I've gained but also for the patient and understanding way any knowledge sharing was undertaken. Along with being a great developer and mentor, Sam is a great social influence within the office- regularly involved in all sorts of social activities. All in all, a fantastic person for any team!

  • Colin Eberhardt

    Colin Eberhardt

    CTO Scott Logic

    I’ve worked with Sam for many years now and am very happy to endorse him. Sam has a wide set of technical skills, and a real enthusiasm for sharing his ideas and teaching others. He has led some technically challenging projects and proven that he is someone you can definitely rely on.

  • Zac Rubin

    Zac Rubin

    Test Engineer

    Sam is forward thinking and an excellent communicator, as well as being very technically minded. I think it is this combination of skills that makes Sam such an effective lead developer. On a recent project, Sam lead the way for our team, engaging with the client to understand and plan for their needs, whilst also diving deep into the technical development work itself without getting lost in the detail. Sam also facilitates a great retrospective session!

Social Media Policy

Social media posts represent personal opinions, at the time they were expressed, and do not necessarily represent the opinions or positions of anyone else. I'll get stuff wrong, as we all do. I pledge to listen and learn from mistakes.

My tweets auto-expire after 30 days - I do this as a privacy-preserving measure. Tweets are best left ephemeral. Anything I want to capture, I prefer to migrate long-form into blog posts.


I value:

  • toleration and respect
  • co-operation
  • democratic institutions
  • equality: of expression, of identity, of opportunity, under the law
  • altruism for the common good
  • diversity and inclusion: of thought, of people, of experiences