I recently joined my former colleagues Colin Eberhardt and Dean Kerr from Scott Logic, to discuss whether microfrontends are hype or not hype.

You can listen to the discussion here, or wherever you get your podcasts:

Colin focuses a lot on the definition of micro-frontend, and whether it fits the concept of a pattern, given how many different interpretations and implementations of the style exist. I prefer seeing micro-frontends as both a decision framework and then a collection of techniques derived from decisions taken from that framework. This approach is formalised in Building Microfrontends by Luca Mezzalira.

Although we ended up sitting on different scales of hype or not hype, we were actually all in agreement that micro-frontends solve a specific problem that many teams probably won't immediately encounter. I really enjoyed having this discussion and reminiscing on past projects mirroring the evolution of the web.