Building an awesome user interface is hard work. You've got the complexities of real life to deal with - handling user inputs, dealing with slow network connections and managing background workers. There's also this testing thing that people keep going on about!

We need a way of handling the real world, whilst behaving in a predictable and responsive manner. Enter ReactiveUI, a fusion of MVVM and the Reactive Extensions (Rx) for .NET applications.

In this session I'll introduce ReactiveUI, show you some tips and tricks, discuss the benefits and tradeoffs of the framework and show how it can be used as a solid foundation for building cross-platform .NET applications.

Sample Code


Session Feedback

From DDD North:

  • Knowledge: 8.24/10
  • Presentation Skills: 7.86/10


  • "Excellent and confident presentation style. Very comprehensive explanation without being over complicated and good demos"
  • "Good, clear explanation, good example code"
  • "Explained very well"
  • "Great presentation, learned a lot"
  • "Really good overview of the subject"

Presented At

  • DDD North on October 18, 2014
  • DDD East Anglia on September 13, 2014